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Bill Fisher w4an at contesting.com
Thu Jul 20 11:07:38 EDT 2000

>By the way - the name is - World Radiosport "TEAM" Contest -
>not "single op" contest.  We have plenty of those for all of us
>to flex our muscles in - why have another - to the best of my
>knowledge there is no other "TEAM" contest available to those
>who may want to participate in such an activity.

>When I was a "semi-pro" Bass fisherman we had individual
>competition as well as team tournaments so everyone had
>an opportunity to compete in whatever type of event they 
>chose or all of  them if they wanted.
>Tony N7BG

Your bass example is a good one.  Bass fisherman go to the SAME LAKE, at
the same time, and compete against one another as "single-ops" or as a

My suggestion that a WRSOC "World Radio Single-Op Challenge"  (Note: no
team mentioned) should attempt to do the same thing.  Right now in amateur
radio contesting, you have single-ops competing against each other in a
bunch of different lakes.  Every 4 years, we have a team
(multi-op) competition where everyone is fishing in the same lake.  

Anyone that suggests (no offense intended Dave) that single-ops have an
opportunity to compete on an equal basis now is delusional.  There is no
such competition.

OK, so now that I've hopefully made my point, I will say I believe WRTC is
a fantastic SOCIAL event.  I believe what really comes out of WRTC is
meeting friends and a sharing of our passion.  The team concept serves
this purpose well, and there really is no reason to do a WRSOC
competition.  Even when fishing in the same lake, the fish aren't evenly

When I talked to Jeff Steinman on the phone the other day, he didn't say
much about winning the event.  He said a lot about all the guys he got to
meet.  Mission accomplished.


Bill Fisher portable seven

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