[wrtc2000 0712] Re: [CQ-Contest] Next WRTC (2)

James B. Neiger Jim_Neiger at XonTech.com
Thu Jul 20 22:43:31 EDT 2000

Good point, Martin.

 And it's like we cannot leave well enough alone.  The WRTC (1) works well
as it is, (2) IS a meaningful event (i.e., MORE than a party), and (3) the
Organizers and Competitors deserve alot of credit for their achievements.

And to now suggest  that a SINGLE OP event would be the REAL DEAL is a load
of Bravo Swanee.

And to dream that the playing field will ever be level is an utter waste of
time.  Realize that it never will and make sure you're in the best place at
the right time. That's the way the radio contesting game has been played the
last 75 years, and I expect it will be that way for the next 75.


                        Jim Neiger

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