[CQ-Contest] Bad operating practices - reply

Robert Shohet kq2m at mags.net
Sat Jul 22 00:36:45 EDT 2000

Dear Randy,

I guess you can start by apologizing to me.  Yes, I did what you =
describe in ONE contest in 1987 when to use more than one call was not =
against the rules.   You fail to mention that I also used the different =
callsign in the same contest AFTER my operating time was completed to =
give out additional points to other stations in the contest.  This =
additional prefix which I could not work gave everyone else one more =
prefix than me, a very slight advantage to other stations.   So it =
benefited others as well as myself.   That was my reasoning at THAT TIME =
(13 1/2 years ago).

You well know that after I received grief from you (and rightfully so) =
and I had time to reflect on this matter, I discontinued this practice =
after using it in ONE contest only, in 1987, even though it was not =
against the rules.

However, you state that this well-known single operator "uses" a =
different call during off periods - that implies that I have continued =
this practice which you also know is not true.  So again, you can =
apologize to me for representing me as someone who is intentionally =
breaking the rules currently.   Let's at least try to be accurate shall =

It is interesting that you wish to be publicly critical of me especially =
since when in the recent past I have brought up observations of =
unsportsmanlike conduct by some of your friends in contests, your =
response has been "It isn't against the rules".  There was never any =
ackowlegement by you that their conduct might be unsportsmanlike or =
inappopriate in any way.  Examples included transmitting on two bands at =
once (SO) I believe by a guest-op. from your station, "tag-team" =
frequency occupation by SO and Multi's on the same frequency, =
intentional harassment, etc.  Your reaction seems to imply that there =
are two standards, one for your good friends and another standard for =
others.  I hope that this is an inaccurate perception on my part.

Although I don't have any intention of repeating the practice you =
describe I do think it is different since what I did did not put me in a =
multi class and did not involve the help and assistance of other =
stations.  However, even though it was not in the rules it was =
unsportsmanlike and I have not repeated it since.  Can we count on you =
to be equally publicly critical and objective when it comes to the =
practices of some of your friends?

Reagrding why I have not named calls, two basic reasons:

1) Everyone deserves the chance to change without public embarassment.   =
That does not mean we should condone the inappropriate behavior, or =
overlook it, just that the offender should have the chance to acknowlege =
wrongdoing and not repeat the practice.  I suppose that some might opt =
for public trials, "witchhunts" and public flogging, but I don't believe =
extreme measures are appropriate or necessary since most people are =
well-meaning and given the chance they will behave differently the next =

2)  "Shooting the messenger" is a pasttime that receives widespread =
practice on reflectors.  I have had enough of it and frankly don't wish =
to become a target anymore than necessary.

So there you have it.   Let's have one standard for everyone if you =
please.  Good friends get judged the same way as others with little or =
no acceptance for unsportsmanlike behavior by ANYONE, whether it is in =
the rules or not.  Will you agree to this?

You might also want to consider setting up a forum for the recording and =
discussion of unsportsmanlike operating practices and rules violations.  =
This "self-policing" peer pressure forum might very well go a long way =
to helping to clean up bad operating practices regardless of who engages =
in them.  This might also prove helpful to contest sponsors and =
committee members who would have documentation and feedback for their =
adjudication.  I think it is a valid and potentially useful idea  and =
will also give victims or observers of inappropriate behavior a clear =
place to describe what they feel ocurred and then give the "accused" a =
chance to publicly respond in the same venue.

Some people make mistakes and others choose to hold it against them =
forever.  Other people make mistakes (somtimes intentionally) and the =
same people choose to ignore it or explain it away regardless of how =
many times it occurs.=20

We can't and should not legislate human behavior but I think we can all =
endeavor to be fair AND accurate in our memories and our judgments.

Bob KQ2M

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