[CQ-Contest] Re: Bad practices identified

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH okh.npi at gte.net
Sat Jul 22 04:29:19 EDT 2000

>A question, (this has happened to me as recently as
>the IARU last weekend) - what are the ethics involved
>with this scenario:  I am CQing, work someone, then
>quickly arrange to have them QSY to another band.
>Immediately, someone hears this and starts calling
>CQ on my frequency (tries to take it).  My response

I say it's just something to be dealt with by the SO2R
op.  The scenario could occur to anyone in the contest
running SO2R,  so it's still a level playing field.  The best
operator will win his class.

As far as who gets the frequency,  I think that if the operator
succeeds in a qso while the SO2R op is away,  that op gets it.
I also assume he QRL?'s a few times and listens before his
cq... yeah, like that's gonna happen.  But if your gone that long,
too bad so sad. If you come back and muscle me off,  then it's still
fair - the same thing could've happened to anyone in my class.  But
I don't think that the smooth SO2R op is going to make it sound
like he is ever QSY.

Someone else said:
>antenna a bit away, and call CQ. If I get a run going I'm not moving. Its
>all part of contesting. Tighten the filters and prepare for battle. No one
>is guaranteed a free and uncluttered frequency. The little guns are waiting
>for you to screw up...don't forget it.

All's fair in battle, as I see it.  If I get run off by a big boy HP SO2R
or whatever,  and it knocks down my rate bar, then I was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.  And if I can null you out,  run stations,  and
your rate starts to suffer,  then perhaps you should strategize a
little.  When to beg,  when to bail... that's contesting,  right?

I have never run SO2R,  but applaud those who do - takes a lot
of skill, IMO.

Rich, KA8OKH

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