[CQ-Contest] "QRL"

Fred Laun K3ZO aalaun at ibm.net
Sat Jul 22 11:52:47 EDT 2000

W9WI said:  "Now if someone asks whether the frequency is QRL and you fail
to answer,
the frequency is his..."

Aha!  That's why I never liked to use "QRL?".  What if the user is copying
an exchange from a weak station ON frequency and doesn't want to interrupt
his copying to say "R" or "YES" because then he will have to ask for a fill
from the other station?  The recent arrival to the frequency doesn't care
when it becomes obvious that the frequency really was in use?  He says
"Well, I asked..." and feels that since he got no answer he has a legal
right to continue.  What about the station who was already there?  If I'm
him, I'm going to fight to keep "my" frequency.

Actually, IMHO, as I have said before, most frequency fights take place
because there is disagreement about the bandwidth one has a "right" to
consider "his" when running stations.  Some ops want to claim a wider
swatch of frequency than others consider necessary.  As I said then, I
reserve the right to decide for myself what bandwidth I need to run, and
don't allow anyone to make that decision for me.

As to legalities, consider this case:  A station asks "QRL?" or "?" and
receives "Yes" for a reply so he moves on without so much as sending
another dit.  Now read the requirements in FCC Part 97 for station ID.  Do
you think Riley would agree that the station who sent "QRL?" in this case
had followed the FCC rules?  That's why, as W7TI accurately pointed out, I
prefer a short CQ instead.

And no, I never have been, and never will be, SO2R.

73, Fred, K3ZO            

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