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Bob, N5RP n5rp at pdq.net
Sat Jul 22 09:22:02 EDT 2000

At 09:52 7/22/00, Fred Laun K3ZO wrote:
>As to legalities, consider this case:  A station asks "QRL?" or "?" and
>receives "Yes" for a reply so he moves on without so much as sending
>another dit.  Now read the requirements in FCC Part 97 for station 
>ID.  Do
>you think Riley would agree that the station who sent "QRL?" in this case
>had followed the FCC rules?  That's why, as W7TI accurately pointed 
>out, I
>prefer a short CQ instead.
I still like it when the other station sends QRL ?
If I am looking for a potential run freq, and hear this, I will answer 
Then I have a nice run frq that someone else has taken the time to 
check out for me.

and as to legalities:
I'll bet if we went into Lord Riley's house and looked at his pillows,
we wouldn't find very many of those tags still affixed.
You know, that tag that says "Do not remove under penalty of Federal Law"?

So, given that probability, is lord Riley really the kind of fox we 
want watching us chickens?

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