[CQ-Contest] Re: Bad practices identified

spa spa at tri.net
Tue Jul 25 23:57:38 EDT 2000

As I've mentioned before, I'm just an occasional contest participant,
but this owning the frequency thing really confuses me.  Examples I've
thrown out before:

1.  Sitting here in Kansas, I hear east coast stations working Europe,
but the skip is in to Eu and the coastal stations are S5 or so (possibly
because of the FB of their antennas also, I'm blowing up their rear) and
the DX is S9, say on 15M, and I'm S&P up the band.  One of the big guns
has his auto CQ'r going full blast, but I am copying IK**** solidly so
give him a call right over the US station and make a good contact.  I
get a nasty, now with the beam on me, comment "Get off my frequency" and
a call sign something like 3 High Powered Jerk.  Another Eu calls me
because the 3 now is trashing me and Eu is off his back so I continue to
work the Eus on OUR frequency.

2.  Another big dog 3 station is calling CQ over and over with the same
broadcast quality voice recording, obviously pointing Eu and not
listening well,  I hear VU? in India calling him several times with no
result.  I swing the beam on the VU and work him and another Asian.  Now
my beam is broadside to the 3 and thanks to M2 way down on my Rx, I've
attracted some Asian stuff, again OUR frequency?

3.  I'm working 15M single band, single op, its 2P local and I've worked
all the Eu's I can hear.  I see that CQ's prop suggests that there is a
path to Asia possibly open now, so still on the same freq swing the beam
from 20 degrees to320 degrees and start calling CQ...for 15
minutes...(OK, so not time efficient, but I'm now DXing)...I get a call
from a W7 who has been working up the band a KC or so and is still
pointed at me trying to work Eu..."Excuse me but you have moved onto my
frequency and we've been here all day and you are awfully loud".
"Sorry, I've also been here for 3 hours with you off the back"  About
that time Asia opens for me and I work a BD, a VU and a Malasian in
quick time after a little tweak on the antenna to put a side null on the
7. Of course, since we are USB, I'm trashing him, but thanks to SSB, he
has no LSB for me to hear.  He doesn't exist in my receiver although I
do in his. Somehow, he is still complaining..

These are real examples and exist somewhere on CD as with WL, I record
all the contests...because I can.

This year I've asked a friend to operate with me so we can run the
station longer, I can listen to my K-State Wildcats trash Texas A&M,
take some reasonable bladder breaks, etc.  We'll have a couple of
antennas and receivers, but will probably just start out in the morning
pointed at Eu on the best band and follow the sun.  On the high bands,
almost always the big guns will be pointing away from us and the
stations in the surrounding states will be in the mud.  As propagation
and antenna direction change, probably we will be moving into someone's
hair.  OK,  the propagation from Kansas is always inferior to the
coasts, but we do have advantages for the 'have fun' contest bunch.  I
don't mean to be impolite, but I have another advantage:  a few missed
moments by  the station fighting for frequency hurts him a lot more than
me as I'm not fighting for the top score.  The old farm story about not
getting in a mud fight with a pig.....

Still learning....


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