[CQ-Contest] QRL?, ?, etc on phone

Bill Coleman aa4lr at atlnet.com
Wed Jul 26 13:33:18 EDT 2000

On 7/26/00 3:49, Vladimir V. Sidorov at eu1sa at belsonet.net wrote:

>- Asking "QRL?" or "Is the frequency in use?" sometimes just advises others
>that the freq looks clear for you, i.o.w. you are doing a nice job for your
>competitors. The result is just opposite to what you expected. 
>- I agree that even a brief but straight CQ could be a bit too agressive.

I disagree. Fred, K3ZO, posted about this subject a couple of years ago. 
His technique was to LISTEN first, then, hearing nothing, start off with 
a CQ.

I thought this might be somewhat rude at the time, but I've since adopted 
the practice.

The key part is to LISTEN first. And I don't mean for just 1-2 seconds. 
Listen for 20-30 seconds. There are too many rude contesters who crank up 
the CQ machine without listening at all.

On the off chance there is someone using the frequency that you could not 
hear, they are bound to take notice after the first CQ. In that case, 
just politely say you didn't hear anyone, and QSY.

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