[CQ-Contest] CD party nostalgia

Allan and Bridget dxcc at dbtech.net
Fri Jul 28 11:07:36 EDT 2000

"On the general topic of cross-over events, I think we have to acknowledge
that Field Day remains the premier vehicle for introducing our sport to

Well said, Pete!
At our last test session (7/21), we had 2 new hams join the ranks.  Both had
operated at our Field Day this past year, and there are several very good
ops that have learned how to contest via this event over the past few years
(and at least one of the people is planning on upgrading...the other is only
9 years old, but I expect great things from him as well).  We also make it a
policy to answer everyone who calls during Field Day, and some of the
biggest thrills have been listening to DX call the station while a newbie is
operating (one who has never gone beyond a 2m FM repeater contact).  Through
the club and volunteers, we offer our own awards, including that for the
newest op, teenager, and those who happen to be there to work the last
section and/or state.  I think getting on the air is the best way people
learn how to enjoy ham radio...I used to love sitting with my husband while
working VK/ZL during the late night hours on 20m.  Of course, I didn't have
an HF license at the time, so we were using his callsign.  It was great to
watch his bureau package come in with my name on some of the QSLs.  Since I
believe that some of the best operators are contesters, I also believe we
can be some of the best elmers.
Bridget, KS4YT
dxcc at dbtech.net

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