[CQ-Contest] naqp software

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Sat Jul 29 13:16:27 EDT 2000

i have never played seriously in naqp but have a guest coming up for next
weekend who wants to.  the question is what software to use.  i have always used
ct which doesn't have naqp.  i think i would only use it for s/o so networking
isn't a question, but it must run with the following:
386dx 25mhz 5 meg ram normal com/lpt ports
cw keying with same w1wef keying adapter as ct uses on lpt1
k1ea dvp card
mono-cga video 25x80 character, no graphics or color 
no mouse
dos 3.22
ft-1000mp on normal com1 port

what options are available?

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