[CQ-Contest] SO2R IS A Seperate Entry Class

John Crovelli w2gd at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 1 05:58:21 EDT 2000

Creation of a separate SO2R entry class is IMHO long overdue.  Operators who 
are simultaneously using two radios have inherent and very significant 
scoring  advantages over an operator who is using a single radio.  Since the 
nature of each style of operation is so different, drawing comparisons (in 
terms of operator ability and final score) between the two is essentially 
meaningless.  The difference in overall score generation capacities between 
the two have reached the point where contest sponsors should take action and 
finally recognize the difference, creating entry classes that are more 

The proliferation of SO2R operation has already created this division on a 
defacto basis.  A void clearly exists where competitors who have chosen not 
to make the hardware investment or to master the special operating 
techniques required for SO2R operation do not have an entry class where they 
compete directly against true peers.  Scores of Single Operator Single Radio 
(SOSR) competitors are listed along with SO2R entries, as if they are equal, 
but obviously they are not.  There are fundamental differences.

Not having a pure SOSR class can and probably does impact entry class 
selection by some operators (I am in this group).  Why beat your head 
against the wall with one radio if you know your score will likely be lower 
than your peers who are using two radios to maximum advantage, but both of 
you are supposedly equal entrants and your scores will appear in the same 
competitive category.  It just ain't so!  To me the difference is very 

Barry (W2UP), thanks for raising the question.  This is a great topic for 
additional discussion on this reflector.  I would like to see more comments 
pro and con, especially any rational that would support the argument that 
SOSR and SO2R are somehow equal and there should be no class division.

73, John W2GD/P40W
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