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MARTIN MONSALVO LW9EUJ lw9euj at ciudad.com.ar
Thu Jun 1 02:15:23 EDT 2000

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Al  W6LX, wrote:


It's already been done. Check out:

My question is: Did this interesting competition take place? If so, I =
can't wait to see final ressults. Any URL to obtain this info?

Guys, this robot ops have certain advantages over human ones: guest =
robot ops don't need to be feed at all during 48 hour contests..They =
will never feel sleepy, this reduces the possibility of transmitting =
into the wrong antenna. They will require from you a completely =
automated station: this will force you to get involved with the lastest =
technology. I guess the don't smoke when they see some one else is =
winning the contest.
Off course there are low points: Can you picture yourself celebrating =
with one of this robot ops after setting a new national or world mark. =
They won't accept a DOM, a BUD or anything like that. Kind of boring.! =

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already been done. Check out:<BR><A=20

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