Tautvydas Misiunas tautvydas at achema.com
Thu Jun 1 14:24:51 EDT 2000

It is already rather big number of different contest cathegories to
split in,as TS,Assisted,LP,HP e.t.c.
 It would seem that further increase of split could lead to a mess in
top lists.
Anyway 	I do not dear to say firmly that S2R should not be separated:
it is a cathegory for not a numerous group of VERY TOP CONTESTERS who
have got everything else can dream:at least 2 sets of radios and
PA's(that's maybe easiest ), and a forest of antennas multipled at least
by two.
In any case  80-85% of guys cannot afford it to themselves.
So it should be  honest to let everybody  to play in his own field.
I would like  sincerely play in this top field myself ,but I firmly know
that real life  circumsatances will NEVER ALLOW that for me.
I would never be abused to stay in the same list with these guys in the
future,as i always know that the difference between our scores  is not
only in the contesters class but also in the destiny,which is blind

73 Ted,Ly2ox

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