[CQ-Contest] SO2R a new category?

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Thu Jun 1 13:54:16 EDT 2000

w2up writes:

> ... making SO2R a separate category, just as SOA is differentiated 
>  from SO. Their logic is that using 2 radios is an unfair advantage 
>  and a SO1R station cannot compete, so it should be a separate 
>  category.

And then subdivide categories into:
2 speakers
one keyer, two paddles
lap top computers
desktop computers
yagi antennas
small radios (like IC706)
biiig radios (everything else, or sibdivide further)
short coax  (less than 25 feet)
long coax
no computers
etc, etc, just use your hadicapped fantasies!

Second (hand) radios are cheap, much cheaper than another tower, antennas, 
SOA is ANOTHER operator(s) via packet.

Common guys, this is technical sport. It involves operator and his station.
Station involves own design or purchased, or combination. The better one is 
in both, the better chance to win. It fosters push for the excellence.

Categories should be by power (QRP, low ~200W, high ~kw) and mode of 
operation (bands) by how many signals allowed (single ab - sb, MS, MM).
It is up to you to maximize your station setup, how many antennas, how many 
radios, haw many gadgets you can master. Do we go back to straight key?

Look at the car racing! You get the track, engine size and other limitations 
and it is up to you what you get out of the car and driver. Why does have ham 
radio to be weird? (like lists, last two, etc.)

Two radios "advantage" is far less than travelers south, than 6 towers, than 
drive-in op operating super station as single op, etc.
Is liberal "thinking" creeping into ham radio now - like if you can't win, 
create new category? I think we have enough categories and challenge, let's 
see who can be the best and not how MANY "best" we can create. (like 99m, 
100m, 101m ... dash "champions"?)
Leave it alone! (My vote.) I have more "problem" with someone getting 30% 
more points by jumping few miles from 6Y5 to P4 or 60% more from ZB2 to 3V8.

Yuri, K3BU, VE3BMV
7 radios (2 not working), 4 amps, one GP, one 160m Inv Vee, no tower, 7 
computers, 3 keyers, 4 microphones, one table lamp and much more in the junk 
box - category

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