[CQ-Contest] Update VO0A and 4O0A

Kn7y at aol.com Kn7y at aol.com
Thu Jun 1 14:28:43 EDT 2000

Hello Fellow Contesters

Thanks for all the responses.  I agree that what I heard is what I copied, 
and I know I am not alone because, after checking DX Summit subsequent to the 
contest, I found other people spotting both calls.  When 4O0A gave me a dupe 
message later in the contest, I did a "O0A" super check partial using Write 
Log and found the similarity, and that's when I wrote a sticky-note to figure 
this out after the contest.  I didn't want to take the time to do it then.  
If I would have later only found 4O0A on the DX Summit data-base search, then 
I would not have corrected my log without posting a message here.

Someone mentioned about cleaning up my log on the reflector, which is a 
respectable point.  However, out of 1,200+ low power unassisted QSO's, this 
is the only one that left me in question.  I knew 4O0A was active because I 
had NG3K's web-site contest list right in front of me.  But, VO0A is certaily 
possible and the station called me in the first few minutes of the contest 
when I was calling CQ, and considering my QSO rate right at that moment, I 
didn't take the time to look at NG3K's list.  There have been surprise 
operations in the past without notification through postings like NG3K's, 
which I believe is one of the most well researched compilation of contest 

In my experience as a CPA, I have learned that communicating these types of 
circumstances is the appropriate thing to do.  There is some correctness in 
numbers, and when I saw other people spotting VO on DX Summit, I knew that it 
just wan't me.  I belive this information may help someone else.  Instead of 
taking two multipliers and an additional 2-point contact, I am going to log 
4O0A as the correct call, which will cause one QSO to become a dupe and 
effectively reduce my score.

I agree that the possible problem was VOX mode, where the operator's first 
did was cut short, and this happened with a couple of "JA's" becoming "OA's" 
but I just happened to recognize their call, my beam was at JA land, and the 
time for propagation to "OA" was not right.

I worked 4O0A later, answering his CQ while H&P, and Write Log did not give 
me a DUPLICATE message.  So, the QSO sequence, i.e. receiving an answer vs. 
giving an answer, is consistent with the VOX theory, and the theory of "VO0A 
4O0A TEST" (that is, his CQ which I copied correctly).

By, the way, this is my 31st year of copying Morse code.  Just the other day, 
I came across an ARRL Certificate of Code Proficiency for 10 WPM, which I had 
earned in 1970 at the age of 11.  At the same time, I still do make mistakes!

Thanks to all.

Jack, KN7Y

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