[CQ-Contest] SO2R

Fred Hoffert NA2U maposte at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 1 20:01:23 EDT 2000

Lots of good comments on this.

I have to tip my hat to Ivo, 5B4ADA/C4A, though for the best simplification 
of the question at hand.  As much, or little, as I might personally benefit 
by splitting out the SO2R guys from the SO1R guys of my ilk, it still comes 
down to how many operators are involved.  I think about using two radios and 
think, "How can they do that?"  I have my hands full with one radio!  If one 
op can use 2, 3, or 4 radios, and he is the ONLY op, then he should be 
rewarded for a higher score because he has done more than those of us using 
less radios.

Now back to seeing how I might better my one-radio setup.


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