[CQ-Contest] SO2R a new category?

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Fri Jun 2 11:56:17 EDT 2000

Ridiculous ?
May be, but basically not so impossible or strange since the 
actual "cure" to keep playing a population suffering a lack in turn 
over seems to be that to tailor everything to the individual needs and 
energy.(phisical, economical etc.) 
Results are questionable, if it's true that submitted logs of some 
contests are increasing, it's also true that contests logs are more and 
more composed by calls of people who's a specific entrant of that 
competition. Occasional pile up replyers are instead disappearing more 
and more, year after year.
>From Europe I miss the big and long lasting pile ups from USA 
(expecially the west coast), or the morning "wall" of JAs on 15 and 10 
meters. All this happens in spite the actual setups and tecniques 
largely outperforms those we had 15 or 25 years ago and it's the 
evident result of an amateur radio crisis that reduced activity in 
The world top list of SO or MM results is yes impressive, but such 
numbers are produced by the very best operators "moved" in the very 
strategical places (possibly midway from USA and Eu, a bit closer to Eu 
is now better). 
Europe or NA weren't ever the place to win a world wide contest, but 
now we suffer much more than it was before to produce results and have 
probably a bit less fun from operating inside those areas.
Again, if the crisis of amateur radio as a generic hobby for 
communications is already irreversible (no appeal in the era of 
internet and wab cell phones) contesting could continue to be 
interesting for experienced people and newcomers until features are 
those of a technological sport with a great space for the operators 
whose skillness is good and mind open in adopting new "tools" and 
I've the feeling that refusing to compete in the same category and 
creating lower and lower contesting levels goes in the wrong direction 
to enhance contesting appeal, at least in a long term perspective.  
To summarize, the introduction of new categories is at great risk t
like a symptomatic medicine that hides the symptom of a serious illness 
and prevents a possible good cure to be prescribed until it's too late.

Mauri I4JMY

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> I fail to see how SO2R is any different from any other station 
hardware or 
> technology improvement.  Should we have a "no beverage antenna" 
> category?  How about a "no automatic band or antenna switching" 
> category.  Perhaps a category for stations not using a computer?  
This is 
> ridiculous...
categories to correspond with your decision.
> 73,
> Dave/K8CC

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