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Robert Naumann n5nj at gte.net
Fri Jun 2 11:58:19 EDT 2000

This is not an issue of the 2-radio guys wanting to stay in a category where
they can "beat-up" on all the poor single radio guys.

The issue is that the number of radios (or any other hardware) should *not*
be the determining factor in a category.

It's as though the balance of the single operators, who have not been able
to master 2 radios, are now saying, "you guys are so much better than us and
you should leave us behind in another category".

When I operated from K2GL's station in the late 70's and 80's, I used 6
radios - and a chair with good wheels to get to them quickly.  Granted, I
did not listen to two of them at once, but could have.

The issue is that one operator, regardless of hardware, is performing all
operating and logging functions.

If you begin to use different hardware to determine the classification,
where would it end?  Several others have commented that we'd need to have
different categories for number of antennas, towers, voice keyer or not, air
conditioned shack or not, etc.

If a single operator can operate 1, 2, 10 or even 100 radios effectively and
win, then he deserves the credit of being the best single operator.  The
rules barring simultaneous transmissions covers all the legal issues here.

As far as expense goes, no one has an excuse.  Good radios can be purchased
at very reasonable prices today.  You guys running FT-1000D's(or TS950SDX,
IC-781 etc. etc.) could have bought two TS-850's and had a lot of money to
spare for switching hardware.  Used radios like the TS520 or TS820 are
available for less than what most pay for their Internet access on a yearly
basis.  These older radios are excellent for use as a second radio.

Despite my respect for some of the commenters who have mentioned this, the
"frequency monopolization" issue is not really valid either.  Some one-radio
single ops sit on one frequency and never move.  At least the 2-radio guys
move around a little.  When they go to the other frequency, their frequency
is fair game.  If you can't keep them from re-gaining it, then that's
another discussion.

I've only used two-radios in SO2R mode a few times.  For me, even though I
get beat by single radio guys, I have much more fun this way.  If nothing
else, it allows me to change bands more quickly.  Even at home, I have my
two TS-850's side by side.  The one on the left can do 160-10 on an open
wire fed 100' dipole, the one on the right does 40-10 on an R-7000 vertical.
Not the best station, but in the Sprint, or NAQP, it's very effective -
certainly much more so than if I just had one radio.

Admittedly, the single-op bar has been raised by guys who have mastered
2-radio operation.  I think that it's a good thing.

Bob N5NJ

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It's interesting that the two-radio guys are the most vociferous about
having only one category.  Sort of like the Indy cars wanting to race
against everybody.


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