[CQ-Contest] SO2R NOT a new category

Monte Stark ku7y at dri.edu
Fri Jun 2 12:37:18 EDT 2000

Hi All,

I just don't see what the problem is.

To me, contesting is a way to measure yourself to see if
you are getting any better at the things you like to do.
(Well, one thing anyway!).

As a single op, you do everything yourself. When you get
good enough that you have some time left over to get bored,
you play with a second radio.

But it's still just one operator using the same tools that
anyone else can use.

Bottom line is that it takes more skill to use more than one
radio. (I know.....I've tried it!) Seems to me that skill
is the one item that we each have that is under our total

We can each chose to improve our skills by reaching for the
new tools and learning to master them, or we can stay
with the same tools we have always used. It's our own

For those of us that have been playing with radios long
enough to remember, the same discussions took place when
keyers came out, when computers hit the shacks and etc.

Of course there wasn't the same volume of input back then
because you had to write a real letter and wait a couple
of months to see it in print!  :-)

OK, back in my hole....

73, Ron

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