[CQ-Contest] SO2R

Gediminas Lucinskas ly3ba at takas.lt
Fri Jun 2 23:32:04 EDT 2000

>I disagree that SO2R does not enhance general station effectiveness. It is
>very short step from SO2R to 2O2R which could be useful in an emergency.
>73 de KK1L...ron (kk1l at arrl.net) <><

It's even shorter way to SO2R/2PC/2signals on 2 B at the same time....

The best way I can see is to allow two categories for SOAB-
1) a la M/S - 10 min on the same band + QSY to another single
band during the same 10 min to pick up new Multiplier.
2) a la M/M - One op + as many TX as you are able to handle with
the help of modern rig/software.

73 de Gedas,LY3BA

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