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k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Sat Jun 3 02:40:01 EDT 2000

I wish this thread about SO2R would just go away.  Nobody has really 
contributed anything new to the discussion since it started.  Everything 
said has been just someone's opinion - certainly valid, but , and I don't 
believe anyone's mind have been changed.

I'm starting to get weary of what I see as the "new way of thinking about 
contests" by certain people.  If you don't like (or think you can't be 
competitive under) the rules, whine and try to get them changed to your way 
of thinking.  Now I am not against beneficial change, but a lot of what 
comes out on this reflector is simply someone seeking a remedy for some 
slight in the rules which they think hurts THEM.

I wish more people had a more historical perspective about contesting, then 
perhaps they would not whine about stuff that has been covered before.  The 
comment from Leigh, KR6X about operating from W6HX, from Bob, N5NJ at K2GL, 
or Tom, K5RC from his WA5LES days illustrates that people have been 
"pushing the envelope" hardware-wise with regards to single ops and 
multiple radios for years.  There have been a bunch of guys doing SO2R for 
years (particularly in SS) generating big scores and nobody 
complained.  Its not been a secret - I spelled it out in my NCJ Contest 
Aerials column back in 1990.  It was not until TRLog, then NA, adopted 
sophisticated SO2R features that suddenly a bunch of people were doing 
it.  Now those that don't feel like doing it want a new category.  If these 
people would look at the past, and believe that those that came before them 
were probably right then we could move on to a more productive thread.

The rules say "a single operator".  SO2R meets that.  The rules say "only 
one transmitted signal at a time".  Any good SO2R setup will support this 

There is nothing more to say.


Dave Pruett, K8CC

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