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Kn7y at aol.com Kn7y at aol.com
Sat Jun 3 12:01:14 EDT 2000

In my efforts to study "last year's" results of a contest and to try to 
improve, among other things, I have considered SO2R.  It has been a 
publicized subject, and it is no secret.  I believe it does fit into 
"single-operator unassisted."  Assisted to me is simply using some sort of 
spotting technique, like a packet cluster or DX Summit, or a buddy calling 
someone else on the phone to allert him or her of a spot.  Assisted does not 
include having a second VFO or receiver for a single operator to search out 
additional stations to work.

In my quest to improve my scores, I have communicated via email with other 
contestors around the US, and many of my mentors have been world class 
operators from the CADXA.  In some contests at M/M stations, I have used a 
number of different rigs, like the Yaesu FT1000MP, FT1000D, and at home, I 
use my little rig the Yaesu FT900C/AT.  Some operators have suggested SO2R, 
and say it is the way to go.   Everyone tells me it takes practice and 
experience to do it well.  Everyone of the operators that I have communicated 
with also tell me that nothing, rigs and antennas included, substitues for 
the talent of the operator.

Although two-rigs may improve my score, rigs like the FT1000D or MP would 
allow dual VFO operation in one set of head phones and a better receiver, a 
definite advantage over my FT900, although I do use VFO A/B to manuver and 
set up QSO's when Hunting and Pouncing.  I do not think it would be fair, 
however, to begin to add rules to cover technological advantages of one 
station over another, in addition to what is already established.  This is 
what makes competition fun.

If I can make the Top 10 SOLP in the CQ WPX WW CW, and make the top 20 in 
CQWW CW, with my FT900C/AT, competing with a SO2R stations, that is great 
with me.  It gives me more motivation to continue to improve for next year.  
Some day, I'll have a FT1000D, and someday I may try SO2R.  But until then, 
my FT900 (which is not a contest rig -- so I have been told) will rock and 

So, let's accept the rules as they are, and let's go on to a different topic 
so you won't get tired of reading messages from guys like me.

Jack, KN7Y

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