[CQ-Contest] Its back, SO2R whining and winning

Bill Turner w7ti at jps.net
Sat Jun 3 17:00:19 EDT 2000

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From: K4OJ <k4oj at tampabay.rr.com>
> Mark your calendar, it is the beginning of June...how long before this
> resurfaces?

A better question is how long until this goes away?  Here's the answer:  It
will go away when the problem is fixed, and not before.

You and the other two-radio guys are missing the point completely.  No one
is denying that the two-radio guys are doing a better thing.  Let me repeat:
they are making more QSOs, have better stations, have learned new skills,
are piling up more points, etc, etc.  No one disagrees.  It is not necessary
to include the above arguments in your posts.  We agree they are true.

What some of us want is to compete against similarly-equipped stations.  And
no, I don't mean EXACTLY the same... of course there can and will be
differences in antennas, location, time available, etc, etc.  But having a
second receiver is a quantum leap forward in effectiveness, and while we
WOULD NOT DENY anyone the right to have a second receiver, we feel they have
a distinct advantage and we DO NOT WISH to compete against them.  It's the
same reason there are low power and high power categories.  It's a different
level of competition.  Not everyone has to race Indy cars.  Lots of folks
race stock cars or midgets or dune buggies or whatever and have a great

And please, lets dispense with the "there will be too many categories"
argument.  We can have as many or as few categories as we want.  Or is space
so limited that another category will crash your computer, destroy the
internet and make all the magazines run out of paper?

There, now is that all clear?  You may disagree, but please find it in your
heart to say you at least understand the point of view.


Bill, W7TI

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