[CQ-Contest] Cut Numbers

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Jun 7 11:21:01 EDT 2000

At 06:07 PM 6/6/00 -0400, Dave Lawley wrote:
>Here's another little operating quirk that I don't like at all, for similar
>reasons that some object to cut numbers. In the last two weekend's contests
>where serial numbers are exchanged, a lot of people 'cut' - in fact omitted
>altogether - the leading zero when sending serial numbers up to 99. For
>example, instead of sending 5NNT23 or 5NN023, they sent 5NN23. ...

>I have noticed that US ops seem to do this a lot. I suspect this is
>because CT drops the leading zeroes. I don't have a problem with this in
>the sprint, but in straightforward RST+serial number contests I would
>you send all three digits of the exchange. Am I alone in this?

Depends... if I'm serious about a contest, and I start on a band where the
signal to noise ratio is high, I tend not to keep the leading zero, because
I don't think it adds anything when most everyone is under #100 and copy is
good.  But if I were to get on 40 mid-contest (and assuming I was thinking
clearly), I would use the leading zero for just the reason you give.

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
n4zr at contesting.com 

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