[CQ-Contest] Station Upgrades

KL7RA Fairbanks, Alaska kl7ra at ptialaska.net
Sat Jun 10 07:46:42 EDT 2000

Hi Chris

You gave an either/or choice for upgrade. Surely antennas would
be better then a new radio. If your intent is to increase the qso
count after a 48 hour contest then you might look at it again. This
is not a unique problem. Once the radio, tower, amp and yagi is
bought then the cost per qso goes up very quickly.

I would take the money and spend it on tower sections. After that
improvement I would get a 40 meter beam. The low bands usually
require the most work/money and produce the least Q's, but the
qso/cost ratio will still be better then replacing the existing

Once you have a good antenna system then a second radio may
be a good place to spend some money.

What makes this fun is station improvements can go on forever.

Rich  KL7RA

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