[CQ-Contest] HG1S , Deleted records

k kk at cg.yu
Fri Jun 9 16:27:51 EDT 2000

I wonder, what would look like the World Records listing today, if all
records established by breaking rules would be deleted? And the reasons for
deleting them are:

1. Excessive power.
2. Two signals on same band at the same time.
3. Unsportsmanlike conduct of soliciting a QSO using non radio means.
4. Unsportsmanlike conduct of having your pals calling only you, by your
5. Unsportsmanlike conduct of scheduling a QSO with rare mpl days before the
6. More than one op at the controls of SO entry.
7. Assistance in Unassisted class.
8. Excessive 500m boundary restriction violations.
9. Excessive band restriction violations (below 7040 phone...)
10. Operation without valid license.
11. Wrong score calculations by contest committee.

73 Kele
YT3T (ex YU1AO)
WRTC2K Judician.

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