[CQ-Contest] RE HG1S in WPX CW 2000

Felber Gyula mttosz.vrk at mail.matav.hu
Tue Jun 20 10:25:41 EDT 2000

Dear Vlad,

We're glad to notice that you're interested in and following our contesting
activities. We do the same with our competitors, however, after comparing
the top scorers' results we do not question their skills, technical
background and don't accuse them groundlessly. We accept that our strategies
can be miscalculated, propagation misunderstood and our skills maybe worse
that those of others.

We're greatly surprised that just someone at RU1A dared to accuse anyone in
the contesting community with cheating, knowing that RU1A team has been
caught on cheating several times. Without stretching our memories too much,
we can bring up WAEDX-CW in 1997, where RU1A was DQed for abusing the 10
minutes rule, or the IARU last year, where the R1MV team (staffed mainly by
the RU1A core crew) was reclassified from M/S to M/M.

Our claimed score is often reduced by the log-checkers but not in a greater
extent than that of any of the same class and unlike yours, our team has
never been disqualified from any contest. We do consider the log accuracy an
important factor and as you can see and calculate yourself, the difference
between our claimed and approved score is getting smaller and smaller. In
this matter you might have some room to improve, too.

We respect your decision of not working us again. We won't strain making
contacts with you in the future. We don't think that this would do any good
except giving one less multiplier for both of us.

You're accusing HA1TJ's single op achievements as well. On what basis,
please ? Just because you find it too good for your own standards ? Last
year the operator of EA8BH unassistedly made 10500 QSOs in 48 hours. Seeing
that we did not write defamatory letters since we know that N5TJ is an
excellent operator and EA8BH is a good station. When you accused HA1TJ, why
didn't you accuse N5TJ as well ?

We would find extremely interesting the fact that RU1A ended up only 110 QSO
less than HG1S claiming to have only half of the airtime. Since when
European Russia is such an attractive DXCC rarity, which would justify this
? Or you're just twice as good as anyone else in your class ? Despite your
higher number of mults your score is clearly lower. We do suggest to convert
your frustration of being defeated to a more usable form of energy, which
can be used to improve your station and your skills. If you had done it
before the WPX-CW, you could have surely win over us.

What would happen if everyone starts to accuse others ? Since AN6IB made
even 200 QSOs more, you should accuse them, too. You have beaten DJ7AA by
700 QSOs, shall he accuse you too ? It does not lead anywhere. It is the
task of the contest committee to evaluate the logs, to set up the ranking
and change the rules if it's necessary. Or maybe you're not satisfied with
their work, too because you did not win ? In this case you should come up
with constructive proposals, which would eliminate even the possibility of
cheating instead of writing defamatory accusations !

We are implementing an open door policy. We subscribed to an email account
and we report our claimed score for every contest we do, we bought K1EA's CT
to be able to send the logs in the format, which is required by the log
checkers. As technology developes we're willing to make further steps into
this direction.

This letter is not intended to be the beginning of a public dispute but an
answer to the untrue allegations. We don't think that allegations would
solve anything. We're open to any serious proposals regardless where they
come from, which aim to improve the accuracy of log data and level the
playing field for everyone. We consider this issue closed and won't react
any other letter of the similar kind.

We wish you all the best for your contesting activities, 73!

Gyula HA1TJ
chief operator
on behalf of the HG1S team

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>From Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz at arrl.net>  Tue Jun 20 03:17:56 2000
From: Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz at arrl.net> (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 02:17:56 +0000
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Field Day Reminder
Message-ID: <394ED454.AAC4FDE7 at gte.net>

Just a reminder for folks who will be operating Field Day this weekend

If you will be using a computer to log, please make sure your multiplier
files are updated to include the newest ARRL Section - West Central
Florida  WCF

Field Day will be the first operating event where WCF will be used as
part of the exchange.

73, Ron  WD4AHZ

One of the W1AW/4 Crew - IARU/WRTC-2000  July 8-9, 2000

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