[CQ-Contest] HG1S turns tables?

Victor Loginov ua2fm at gazinter.net
Wed Jun 21 16:39:19 EDT 2000

Hi contesters,

Great Russian Hero Generalissimus Suvorov said, "Attack is the best
defence". Russian people often say, "Insolence is one's second happiness".
Here we are.

I'd like to comment "proud" reply of HG1S to RW1AC (see
http://lists.contesting.com/_cq-contest/200006/msg00130.html). We got a
voice from there at least. Now we can see how they feel all about this.

> We're glad to notice that you're interested in and following our
> activities. We do the same with our competitors, however, after comparing
> the top scorers' results we do not question their skills, technical
> background and don't accuse them groundlessly.

Vlad did not ask you for the above but mentioned fixed times, bands, and
serial exchanges.

> We accept that our strategies can be miscalculated,

Everybody noted your strategies, they are well known - just read DJ7AA's and
RK3QWA's (RD3Q crew) annoncements during WPX CW 2000.

"27 May dj7aa-7 (0504Z) : hg1s same procedure as every year dont worry
27 May rk3qwa (0501Z) : HG1S 2 sigs 21/14 MHz 25QSO/3 min !!!   "

These were only two of the notes. We at RW2F have the same feelings for

> We're greatly surprised that just someone at RU1A dared to accuse anyone
> the contesting community with cheating, knowing that RU1A team has been
> caught on cheating several times. Without stretching our memories too
> we can bring up WAEDX-CW in 1997, where RU1A was DQed for abusing the 10
> minutes rule,

At least they showed 10-min rule violation in their log (as I understood,
this was shown there?).

> or the IARU last year, where the R1MV team (staffed mainly by
> the RU1A core crew) was reclassified from M/S to M/M.

Please carefully read late QSTs, the explanation is in there. They were SRR
HQ stn, neither MS nor MM.

> Our claimed score is often reduced by the log-checkers but not in a
> extent than that of any of the same class and unlike yours, our team has
> never been disqualified from any contest.

Your case has nothing to do with log-checking, logs will be checked later.
You were taken by your hand in violation, in rubber clocking during the
contest by another competitors crew. This was fixed (don't think the rest of
amateurs are silly). And you have to explain
the case, or sorry for cheating instead of teaching others your

> Last
> year the operator of EA8BH unassistedly made 10500 QSOs in 48 hours.
> that we did not write defamatory letters since we know that N5TJ is an
> excellent operator and EA8BH is a good station. When you accused HA1TJ,
> didn't you accuse N5TJ as well ?

Again, we are talking about YOUR station this exact time, don't move your
"rubber clocks" to other position.

Dr HG1S's,
May I finally ask you again the questions to be answered, not disputed.

27-May-2000 04.55 20m HG1S sent 599 721 / RU1A sent 599 581
27-May-2000 04.57 15m HG1S sent 599 697 / RU1A sent 599 585

28-May-2000 20.48 40m HG1S sent 599 3843
2 minutes silence...
28-May-2000 20.50 40m HG1S sent 599 3860

How about that? And the matter will be closed when you stop playing dirty
games, guys.

With the best regards to all HONEST contesters,

73, Victor UA2FM, from RW2F crew.
ua2fm at gazinter.net
tel +7-0112-325900

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