[CQ-Contest] SO2 Computer

Mitchell, Tim T.K. tmitche4 at visteon.com
Thu Jun 22 13:14:38 EDT 2000

Over the years I have experimented with several ways of doing this as well.
The only thing that using 2 computers made easier was the ability to
screw-up and break the rules (xmit on 2 radios at the same time).  Not to
say that everyone/anyone using 2 computers cheats, certainly NOT but it sure
makes it easier/possible to be tempted or to make an honest mistake (unless
you have the added lockouts to stop this, as I did when I tried it).  [based
on your comment that you can't type on two cpu kbds at the same time, I take
it you are not a musician... if so playing 2 syn/kbd is common :-)]

My advice would be to get one of the commercial programs [if you don't
already have one] (s/w & box < ~$100) and do it with one computer.  There
are a lot less hassles this way.  Otherwise you have to network the
computers, keep rf out of both cpu's, deal with multi kbd/multi mon,
external switches for multi kbd/mon, space issues, ergo issues, merge logs,
god forbid the contest has serial numbers and you are trying to do this,

I have formed real definite opionions on s/w for SO2R (your mileage may vary
and this area is VERY subjective!)(Since I have years of experience and I
write software for a living, I offer the following experience you can use as
you see fit).  If you do only cw then TR may work for you [doesn't work for
me but it does function as advertised].  I use NA as I use the same setup
for CW/SSB/RTTY, it works well.  If you really have to have a Windows
program and are willing to deal with the foolishness involved and
limitations try WL (and pray, really didn't work for me!, not recommended).

Good luck however you chose to do it.  If you are set on 2 cpu's... then
consider implementing some sort of lockout so that only 1 can xmit at a time
[TIC: unless you're not concerned about the rules :-)].

73 Tim K9TM

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