[CQ-Contest] RE: SO 2 Computer

Jeffrey Steinman steinman at nortelnetworks.com
Thu Jun 22 15:48:10 EDT 2000

I used 2 computers once -> YUCK! Too much stuff in the way. My idea of a
good 2 radio setup is one that is clean and functional, everything within
easy reach. Especially the 1) keyboard, 2) VFO's, 3) rotors, and 4) monitor
at eye level. 

Years ago (early 90s) logging software was not truly able to deal with 2
radios with 1 computer. But that was then and this is now - all major
contest logging software (sans CT) supports 2 radio functionality such that
a second computer adds, IMHO, nothing more than a backup hard drive. And if
you want to do that put it across the room where it's not in the way. 


Jeff N5TJ

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