[CQ-Contest] push around/interference

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Wed Mar 1 13:49:17 EST 2000

If this is true, I'm submitting a long list of "violators" who
"interfered" with me and others during SS last year to the FCC.  I'll
move way up in the standings. :-)

Seriously, the FCC rules do not equate QRM with deliberate
interference.  The FCC rules do not guarantee anyone a completely
clear passband(in amateur radio).  Let's face it, someone deliberately
preventing you from communicating is different from contesting.  What
I mean here is let's say someone follows you around and plays music on
top of you no matter what frequency you're on.  This happened to me in
SS Phone on 75M.
Now, that's deliberate interference.  A station, also in the contest
that challenges me for a run frequency, is competing with me, not
interfering with me.  Should I move, and that same station do it
again, this begins to become an interference situation.  There is a
difference here.

This is obviously a very difficult subject to reach a consensus on,
but there is no hard line that can be drawn that defines what is
appropriate or not.  If a station can move in close to you in a
contest and effectively  communicate while you are bothered, he either
has better hardware than you or has better ears.  It's up to you to
handle this, not the FCC or the contest rules.

Admittedly, when a station fires up right on top of you, it makes you
mad.  Well, do something about it.  Improve your station, improve your
skill - don't call Riley!  The first lesson to learn is that, if this
happens, the most effective thing for you to do is find another
relatively clear spot and start making qsos - unless you think you can
win the battle.

Bob N5NJ

Robert E. Naumann
N5NJ / V26O
N5NJ at arrl.net
Plano, TX  USA
ex KR2J, V26RN, W6V, WA2OVE

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