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<< Part 97 is so EASY to understand:
 97.101 General standards
 (d) No amateur operator shall willfully or maliciously interfere with or
 cause interference to any radio communication or signal.
 A CQ is certainly a "signal".  If you plop down and call CQ on a frequency
 where you know another station is already calling CQ, or transmitting any
 other signal for that matter, then you are "willfully" interfering with
 that "signal".  You are violating FCC regulations.  
 Now notice this segment of the "General Rules for All ARRL Contests":
 2. Conditions of Entry: Entrants agree to be bound by: 
 2.2 The regulations of their licensing authority. >>

The above says it all. If you won't play by the rules you shouldn't be 
playing !
Once you (intentionally) jump in on top of a weak station (or any other 
station) calling CQ, or running, or having a QSO of any sort, and "win the 
frequency" (or not) you have disqualified yourself from the contest. Them's 
the rules.
Sometimes you can't hear the other guy (good F/B, bad antennas, whatever), 
nothing intentional there. Although only a "rule of thumb", when studying for 
my General I learned to leave the other guy 150 - 500 Hz for CW & about 3 kHz 
for SSB. If this works - Great, but if he (she) asks you to QSY because you 
are interfering and you don't leave --- DQ time again. In other words -- the 
other ham's lack of filters is your problem, not his, if you are interfering 
with him.
It may not be a good idea, but its the LAW.
73 to all, de k4bev

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