[CQ-Contest] SB 1714 Testimony Coordination

Michael S. Mitchell, W6RW w6rw at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 1 12:14:30 EST 2000

This is a note to let you all know that it due to travel and other
logistic type challenges  that it appears that most of the committee
witnesses will be from Northern California. Also, I am a CPA and tax
season is in full swing. Based on these facts  and  that the committee
hearings will be taking place in the Pacific Division, I have asked Jim
Maxwell, W6CF, the Pacific Division ARRL Director, to appoint someone in
Northern California to be the the point person for witness and testimony

Jim Maxwell has selected Harry Styron, K6HS, the Pacific Division
Volunteer Counsel Coordinator, to be that point person. Harry brings
many years of working with both local and state government on matters
related to amateur towers.  He also has experience with the legislative
process in Sacramento. Harry's can be reached by email at
hlstyron at wcrklaw.com.

I think we are assembling a great team and with the right kind of effort
and the right kind of luck, we just might be able to pull this thing

73 es cul de Mike/W6RW

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