[CQ-Contest] 1998 CQWW CW DX Contest Certificates

Tom Osborne w7why at harborside.com
Thu Mar 2 01:58:48 EST 2000

Jay Terleski wrote:

> I really would appreciate a Virtual cert I could print out at >home and handout to the ops. OR even email them their own to >print out. 

That is a good idea Jay!  I won the 7th call M/M back in 96 and
it took 3 years to get the certificate.  The other op's were
supposed to get one too, but they never did.  It'd be nice to
print one up for all the op's.

> Yea, its probably easy to copy and forge one, but who cares >anyway? Those who have earned them know the worth.

That probably isn't an issue anyway as it is easy to print up
anything you want on a computer nowadays.  73
> What say Dan (ARRL) and Bob (CQ)?
> Jay, WX0B

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