[CQ-Contest] freq battles

Dan Robbins kl7y at alaska.net
Thu Mar 2 06:00:18 EST 2000

Gee, I must have this wrong.  I always thought you were supposed to
start at the band edge and carefully tune, working guys S&P as you went
until you found a good freq - then jump in and call CQ.  If it takes 5
or 10 minutes to find a runnable freq, it will probably be worth it.
The winner is the guy who made the most Qs, not the guy who battled the
longest for a frequency.

Real life example, with real calls, follows:

(KL7Y on 20 SSB calling CQ and working guys at 1-2 per minute.)
KL7Y:  KL7Y contest
W2PV: Frequency in use?
KL7Y:  W2PV, yes it is thanks
W2PV:  No problem
(W2PV QSYs and KL7Y continues working guys at 1-2 per minute)

A bit later:
KL7Y:  KL7Y contest
K1OX:  CQ CQ Contest K1OX K1OX contest
KL7Y:  K1OX, frequency is in use, thanks
K1OX:  CQ CQ contest K1OX K1OX contest
KL7Y:  Hey K1OX, the frequency is in use.  Thank You, KL7Y contest.
K1OX:  CQ CQ contest K1OX K1OX contest

Frequency battle ensues.  K1OX works hardly anybody.  KL7Y continues
working guys but at about half the previous rate.  Eventually KL7Y QSYs
to better freq.  K1OX QSYs shortly thereafter.  Both W2PV and K1OX were
M/M so I don't know who the individual ops were.

Now the question is who do you think won the contest?

W2PV who QSYed and soon found a good freq where he ran many QSOs...


K1OX who put in a great effort to battle someone else for their

Dan KL7Y

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