[CQ-Contest] LogConv v1.61 Available

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Mon Mar 6 10:29:55 EST 2000

    I imagine many contesters might find this free log conversion and 
analysis software useful.

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> Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 22:04:23 -0800
> From: "Robert Barron" <ka5wss at qsl.net>
> To: logconv-announce at eGroups.com
> Subject: [logconv-announce] LogConv v1.61 Available
> The latest version of LogConv is now available on the QSL.NET server. 
> This post is to let you know about this new release and a couple of
> other issues and announcements.
> Version 1.61 of LogConv is now available and it includes the following
> features:
> Version 1.61: 3/5/2000
> - Added support for RAC (Canada) contest.
> - Fix date formatting bug in dBase output.
> - Added generic file support for TR.  Allows for conversion of any TR
>   contest file to dBase or ADIF files.
> Some comments on what's new:
> * The DOS version has been brought up to date and is now included in a
> DOS-specific download file.  The DOS version of LogConv need only be
> used on real DOS machines.  I suggest that all users of Windows use the
> Windows command-line version of LogConv (available as part of the
> Windows package).
> * TR Log generic file support should mean that all TR Log files can be
> converted to dBase or ADIF files even if specific contest support has
> not been added to LogConv.  Contest specific support allows LogConv to
> intelligently parse the data and place it in proper fields if
> applicable.  Generic file support places exchange information in a
> comment field.
> As always, you can get the latest version of LogConv from the LogConv
> homepage at http://www.qsl.net/ka5wss/logconv/.
> I have set up a LogConv discussion mail reflector, in case anyone is
> interested.  Unlike the logconv-announce mail reflector,  members of
> the logconv mail list can post questions, comments, etc.  I will post
> future version announcements to both lists, so if you subscribe to
> logconv you'll get everything that's posted to logconv-announce. 
> Logconv-announce will remain for those of you who just want to know
> about the latest releases.  You can sign up for the new LogConv mail
> reflector directly from the LogConv homepage.
> Some of you may remember another utility I wrote to compare two contest
> log files, called LogComp.  I had released one version and had not
> updated it in a couple of years.  Due the age of the code LogComp was
> becoming unusable due to  not getting some changes in the TR Log file
> read support (including Y2K bug fixes).  So I've updated the code and I
> hope to support it more in the future.  This is also the first release
> of LogComp under the GPL license, so it includes the full source code. 
> Note, that I have not updated LogComp to run under DOS and will not
> unless there is a great cry out there for one.  GUI and command-line
> Windows utilities are the only ones produced.  Version 1.10 is now
> available at ftp://www.qsl.net/pub/ka5wss/logcomp.zip.  I hope to have
> a web page for LogComp in the near future.
> Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
> 73,
> Robert

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