[CQ-Contest] frequency stealing

spa spa at tri.net
Mon Mar 6 10:33:00 EST 2000

>  Obviously, if I am calling CQ ad infinitum and no one comes back, you
could potentially have a right to move me off the frequency since either
I am not getting out or not doing something right.

Sort of:

Being a relative newby with a temporary nice location, I made the wrong
decision and set up for 15M on this contest.  600 w to a Dentron
MLA-2500 and a TS-940S to a 4 element yagi.  By 11A local time Sunday
had 88 countries and 339 contacts and all I was hearing was wall to wall
multi-ops calling CQ (had the calls memorized).  Turned the beam to the
NW so the east coasters were off the side (after noting that CQ mag
mentioned a weak opening to the far east then).  Found a clear spot at
the top of the band and worked a dozen weak Russians who answered my
CQs.  They at the 3db down point on the beam.  Then an hour of vocally
calling CQ on "my frequency' with only 3 contacts:  India, Thialand and
Indonesia.  The latter called a big gun W3 later and was told "Sorry, I
have the beam on Eu, try me later!"  Made my day!

Also to the point of this thread, Half way through the second hour, a 7
came up and asked me to move as I had a strong signal and was ruining
his frequency.  I asked if I was overdriving and he said no, just to
loud a signal close to his frequency.  End of discussion.


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