[CQ-Contest] Plaque for Multi - Single LOW POWER

Dillon, W w.dillon at ic.ac.uk
Thu Mar 9 14:38:50 EST 2000

Hello Wally,

What a generous gesture, I guess that's what Ham Radio is all about!  Good
call Wally, encourage more 'average' (if you'll forgive that term) amateur
ops. to have a go. A plaque for either contest would be really cool (as my
daughter would say), tell you what, if you sponsor one, I'll see if I can
raise the necessary funds for the other, sound good? let me know your
thoughts (and the rough cost!).

I entered the CQWW SSB in October last year, the first 'serious' contest I
have ever entered and I had a blast, operated for a total of 12 hours
(minimum required for a scoring entry) with less than 100 watts into a wire
antenna, made 'only' 200+ qso's but I really enjoyed it, I'll be back, other
commitments permitting!

While I'm here, A big thank you to all the contesters who pulled my signal
out and caused me to have such a good time!

72/3! de Wayne - G0JJQ     G-QRP-5233 (99% QRP operator)      FISTS-0851

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> Hello ,
> =20
> I am currently considering to sponsor a plaque for the category
> which at present is not included either in CQWW or CQWPX
> contests - Multi-Single LOW POWER.( of course if any of
> contest managers or committees agree to have such plaque
> listed ).
> Since there are a lot of guys who can not afford a big amplifiers
> or can not devote a whole weekend to a given contest I decided
> to try to convince them to "go for it" and have fun making some
> QSOs and giving the others few more points, without the need to
> be the strongest station on the bands or having to stay awake
> for long hours.Getting older myself I have realised it's a great fun to
> be able to take part in the contest while being in a company of
> your friends. No big investments plus a good company would
> mean a lot of fun for many hams who earlier were not keen on=20
> taking part because of the money and time involved in a=20
> serious SO or MO participation?
> =20
> Before taking my final decision I would like to hear your comments
> on my idea. Do you think this plaque will help to get more little
> pistols into the game  and to increase fun for everyone ?
> Please, also tell me your prefference - CQWW (SSB) or=20
> =20
> Looking forward to hearing from you.
> =20
> Wally LZ2CJ
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