[CQ-Contest] Contest ethics

Goran Grubisic grongo at st.tel.hr
Fri Mar 10 16:52:45 EST 2000

Once upon a time there was a huge multi-multi club station. Club members
operated in many medieval DX contest and made a bunch of nice scores.
Unfortunately, it seems that they overlooked one simple, but bothering,
rule and  separated some of their shacks more than 500 m apart. The old
books are not very reliable about this, because some of them say it was 501 m,
the other 502 m, but anyway... Club members realized that they couldn't
keep on working like that because that wouldn't be fair towards the other
contesters. Obviously, the 500 m line they used to set the correct space
between their stations did stretch a little after so many pullings.
So, they decided to be fair. Now, the club members operate from
the club station using their own callsigns and make fine scores. As
electrolytic capacitors would dry, they run club stations and club amps.
It is better for the coax to be in use, so they use the club antennas, too.
I checked the old books to find out more about their home stations,
but there was hardly anything to find. There was something about
their qsling practice, but I do not want to repeat the words. 
Obviously, a new book has to be written about this.
Is this a problem at all, anyway?
Am I asking for too much?
Where are the limits at all?
In space?
I think the space is too small for some people.

I am sorry for taking so much bandwith.

I like fair contesting. Hope you like it too.

Regards to all of you.

Gogo 9A6C

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