[CQ-Contest] Receiver specs

Ford Peterson ford at cmgate.com
Fri Mar 10 17:14:18 EST 2000

I have been following the thread about receiver specs with great interest.
I am disappointed that my particular radio:  IC-746 was not included in the
comparison.  The spec sheet talks about a 99db dynamic range but you know
how manufacture's specs can be "cooked."

I have a question.  During a contest, if the station adjacent is
"splattering" all over the place, if the transmitter is actually putting
signal into your receiver's IF window, there is no hope of minimizing the
damage.  The question of is it my receiver or is it his transmitter was
given much thought during the ARRL SSB DX contest.

I would be next to some very strong signals that had no effect on desensing
my receiver.  Others would wipe it out.  It didn't appear to necessarily be
a "signal strength" issue.  Some stations were quite weak and still caused
problems in my passband.

If an offending transmitter is actually putting power into the sideband that
is supposed to be "supressed," is it then possible to switch to the opposite
setting and actually hear him?  E.g.  20 meters, USB normal.  Splatter is
suspected from another transmitter.  Switch to LSB and listen on the
"splatter" side of the signal.  It seems to me that if you hear intelligence
in LSB when he is supposed to be in USB, it is a transmitter issue and not a
receiver issue.

Am I right here or all wet?  I don't claim to be an RF engineer (actually
I'm an accountant).

Perhaps there is another way to evaluate the receiver performance?  Any

ford at cmgate.com

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