[CQ-Contest] Splatter & Performance

Ford Peterson ford at cmgate.com
Fri Mar 10 14:03:58 EST 2000

I find the receiver performance issues to be of interest.

To my disappointment, no information is provided on the IC-746, which I just
bought in November.  Anybody got any idea on how the 746 compares to the
rest of the rigs being discussed?

Also, during the recent ARRL SSB DX contest, I noticed unavoidable splatter
from several stations.  I was concerned that the receiver in the 746 was
unable to handle the adjacent channel RF.  I tried an experiment--was it the
receiver or the other guy's transmitter?

On 20 meters, USB is the norm.  I move up just next to the offending signal
and flipped the receiver into LSB.  I could copy Q5 the other guy.  Is this
a usable measure of the other guy's transmitter?  I'm no wizard here (matter
of fact I'm an accountant) on receiver performance.  However, isn't the
other guys unwanted sideband supposed to be supressed?

Ford -- N0OQW
ford at cmgate.com

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