[CQ-Contest] Plaque for Multi - Single LOW POWER

Barry Merrill barry at MXG.com
Fri Mar 10 15:12:41 EST 2000

I'm not against a low power Multi-Single category,
but I don't think that's going to increase the
number of stations to talk to, and that's what
the Run stations need - new blood to talk to.

We need a category to draw casual hams into
more than a few casual contacts, and primarily
we want these new stations to contact the serious
contest stations, i.e., those who always RUN!

 So lets have a NO-CQ, NO-RUN category for
 the average station that doesn't want to 
 blow the entire weekend on a contest, 
 perhaps along these lines:

  No CQs - only answer stations calling CQ
  No Power Limit - so serious contesters can hear them better
  Single operator at home location only - to encourage the casual op?
  City Lot, Tribander & Dipole limitation - for fairness?
  Maximum of
     12 hours for score in a 48 hour test (8 of 24 for SS?)
    (But station uses the BEST 12 hours, so he/she can
     operate more of the contest if they get hooked!)
  Allow use of packet, since the casual operator
    will find lots of stations there he might not
    have found in Search and Pounce mode.
I'd consider subsidizing the trophies and certificates;
perhaps the biggest trophy should be given to the station
whose score comes closest to the average score of all of
the stations in this category, to propagate the idea of
a big award for the average performer?

Merrilly yours,

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