Fw: [CQ-Contest] Plaque for Multi - Single LOW POWER

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Fri Mar 10 23:13:01 EST 2000

Hi Barry,

Thanks a lot for the input.

Although I always respect others' opinion and this was
the reason for my posting on the reflector I think the
message of Henry - N4VHK reflects fully what I have
had in mind making a proposal for M/S Low Power

I do believe such category will increase the number
of participants since after being a contester for more
than 20 years by now I have had a chance to be on
both sides - SO and MO ( always HP, though - Hi).

I suppose you are speaking from US perspective,
but let me remind you that beside US contesters
there are quite a number of them outside of USA,
too. Those are not allowed 2kw ,so can only
use low power.

So, what these hams must do - break the law by
using couple of times more than power allowed
by their license ( as some I's or G's do for example)
or just use a 100 W and listen to the powerhouse
stations doing the "run" ?

Why not giving them a chance to get recognised
for their efforts without forcing them to break their
law and let them also have fun without a need for
everyone staying awake for 48 hours ?

There was a time in 1984 - 1993 when I was younger
and it was not a problem for me to carry on for 48
hours in a SO category. I've almost done it last year,
again ( SOSB 40m - with lot more efforts from my side) .

But during last few years I've realised there is also a
lot of fun to be a member of MO crew having a chance
to get some sleep , to meet with friends, have exchange
of fruitful ideas and not last - to have fun operating
the M/S station - LZ9A. ( fortunately we in LZ can also use
legally HP as you in US).
Believe me it's a pleasure to go to work on Monday
morning without the need to drink a liter of coffee
at 7.00 hours. ( CQWW and WPX end at 3.00
LZT on Monday  morning ).

So, why not  give the low profile guys a chance to
compete between themselves and having the same
fun as we do using  our KWs ?

If this category is included in either CQWW or CQWPX
I am sure that the same phenomena will be observed
after few years as with other Low Power categories now -
logs sent for low power M/S will be much more than those
submitted for HP M/S category.

So, before taking a final decision and contacting either
K3EST or N8BJQ I would like to hear couple of more
opinions about my proposal.

Wally LZ2CJ

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