[CQ-Contest] RUSSIAN DX Contest (TR Log CFG files)

Soro Roberto roberto.soro at sia.it
Mon Mar 13 14:44:47 EST 2000

Hi all,
thanks to Igor, UA9CDC, for his big effort,
there is in the TRlog User's shared data site 
(at my web site) the set of files for this contest:
LOGCFG.DAT     config file to use in combination with Trmaster.dta
RUSSIAN.DOM    updated oblast list with R1FJ, R1MV, R1AN
TRMASTER.DTA   master dta files with the oblast in the 
               USER 1 field od the russian stations.

See you all in the contest (I hope).
Bob,I2WIJ - J49WI
mailto:i2wij at qsl.net

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