[CQ-Contest] WPX rules

kk kk at cg.yu
Mon Mar 13 21:35:21 EST 2000

This is the way CQ WPX rules are published, concerning MUlti op class. Does
this mean that Multi SIngles are NOT required to be within 500m boundaries,
and that they are allowed MORE than one running station per band? The way it
is written, paragraph (b) is concerning Multi TX only.

73 Kele

>> 2. Multi-Operator (All band operation only)

(a) Single-Transmitter: Only one transmitter and one band permitted during
the same time period (defined as 10 minutes).

(b) Multi-Transmitter: No limit to transmitters, but only one signal and
running station allowed per band. Note: All transmitters and receivers must
be located within a 500 meter diameter area or within property limits of the
station licensee, whichever is greater. All operation must take place from
the same operating site.

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