[CQ-Contest] Logging software for the Florida QSO Party

K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Mar 14 01:13:41 EST 2000

None of us paper log anymore...everyone has a copy of CT...but  a frequent
question I get is:

"Sure, I wanna operate in the Florida QSO Party but my copy of CT doesn't
support it, what do I do?"

Since the inception of the Florida Contest Group's sponsoring of the FQP we
have received great support from two of the software writers, K8CC and
N6TR...I gather WriteLog also supports FQP...if you wanna buy software that
contains it ready to go one option is

NA by K8CC (first to support the FQP)

it can be bought from:

Craig Clark W1JCC ; AKA:

Radio Bookstore & Radioware
PO Box 209
47 Fitzgerald Rd
Rindge NH 03461

Orders: 800 457 7373 - 603 899 6957
        10am- 6pm EST
Fax:    603 899 6826
        24 hours, 7 days per week
email:  nx1g at top.monad.net
        radware at radio-ware.com
sites:  http://www.radio-ware.com

For what it is worth, Craig is also the agent for the tickets to the Dayton
Hamvention Contest Dinner Banquet...I am going - hope to see you there!


You can contact George, K5TR etc at:  geoiii at kkn.net

or hit the web and check out the following:

Try the TR Contest Logging Program for FREE!
N6TR has created a free version of his software. This free version has all
the features of the full release the only difference is that the free
version supports a limited number of contests. This version works for the
following contests: ARRL Field Day, Region One Field Day, Japanese DX
Contest (JIDX), New Zealand Field Day and the South American WW. The zipfile
contains everything you need for this version including the manual in
MS-Word format.

Download N6TR FREE trial version of TR-Log using your web browser:

Download N6TR FREE trial version of TR-Log ( 510 K) using FTP from:

Download TR-Log Version 4.05 - This is an older version that will work well
for many contests. from:
You'll need PKUNZIP to decompress the files after downloading. If you need
the PKZIP software package, you can get it using FTP from

NO EXCUSES...there ARE major contesting software programs which support the

Don't forget that there are only:

46 Days until the Florida QSO Party!


Jim, K4OJ
k4oj at arrl.net

Dude, its less than two months until the Florida QSO Party, check out the
details at


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The Florida Contest Group thanks K1ZZ and the ARRL for the opportunity to
host W1AW/4 in the 2000 IARU HF Championship.

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