[CQ-Contest] Re: Digital Voice keyer

kh6nd at lava.net kh6nd at lava.net
Tue Mar 14 07:45:21 EST 2000

> On 3/14/00 12:29 AM, Dennis Vernacchia at n6ki at juno.com wrote:
> >Well, if you call CQ in a contest and wait 3 seconds in
> >between CQs your calling freq will be long gone........

>Bill Coleman AA4LR wrote: 

> Baloney!
> If this is the sort of operating practice contestors promulgate, it's no
> wonder other amatuers despise contests....

Baloney, Bill?

I think not.

My main concern for waiting too long between CQ's would be too many
potential contacts tuning past my frequency without hearing me.

We're on the air only a handful of weekends per year from here to try to
be as competitive as we possibly can.
And if other amateurs despise contests for this type of operating
practice, it's likely a due to a lack of understanding of what's going
on...... and that's THEIR problem.


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