[CQ-Contest] SS New Blood: Clubs, clubs, CLUBS!

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 16 07:02:31 EST 2000

K4OJ wrote:
>We do need more participants...and yes it would be
nice to see them show up on Sunday afternoon when
>things slow down for all of us...would this category
get people on who normally would not get on
>anyway...I don't think so....mebbe they might make
more QSOs overall, yes...but it is not NEW BLOOD,

Jim – I disagree with you because I think a Sprint
category for the SS would be great for serious
contesters who want to go all out but can’t put the
time in on a given weekend.   BUT:  I also agree with
you that it would do ZERO to add new blood to

….and Jim, don’t forget the proposal that your club in
Florida and the Tennessee Contest Group both tried to
have the League and the CAC consider – namely that the
175 mile circle should be eliminated or modified
because it is discouraging participation in
contesting.   The 175 mile circle for contest club
participation is a NEGATIVE INFLUENCE on contesters in
rural areas (like us) that want to encourage
participation in the hobby.  In fact, since this
proposal was unceremoniously shot down last year we
have seen a drop off in the interest and activity from
friends of ours who are involved with TCG in Tennessee
metro areas that are not covered by the 175 mile rule
and who consequently have NO other club they can join.
 This includes our newly minted Delta Division CAC rep
N4IR who is involved with our club, a longtime
Tennessee resident, and is outside the 175 mile
circle.  Unless these folks enjoy solitary contesting
on every level, these people are not going to stay
motivated to participate in contesting.  We see
exactly the opposite from people involved in TCG – our
club members are more active than they would have
been, without question, because of the presence of the
club.  Myself included.

The 175 mile club rule works fabulous in a heavily
populated metro areas like Philadelphia or Los
Angeles.  It simply doesn’t work at all in less
densely populated areas like Tennessee or rural
Florida or many other regions of the USA.  The 175
mile rule for club participation should be eliminated
altogether or at least modified so club competition
participation is based on local geographic density.  
This is a sensible, reasonable request and will likely
have no effect on the scoring outcomes of club
competition for the ARRL DX contests or Sweepstakes.  

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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