[CQ-Contest] Off Again !

Bob Perring perring at pdq.net
Wed Mar 22 13:52:06 EST 2000

Well, just got word that I am to be away again for a bit.

This time, going to Malaysia for several weeks.

Now then, not sure exactly what routes I will take coming and going, 
although I am sure I will be in and out of Hong Kong and Singapore for 
flight connections.

Will figure all that out later, but surely would be interested in any 
Australia or New Zealand side trip possibilities so as to allow my 
meeting others who share hobbies of mutual interest, not the least of 
which is a good cold one on any given cause for celebration.

I will have no real return demands once finished with my contractual 
obligations in Malaysia, so I am really looking forward to this trip. 
Last year's trips were all jammed together,not allowing any free time 
make holiday out of work.

Let me know by private response if you might be interested in making a 
meeting possibility during this trip. I will gladly make our home 
available for any future stateside visits that my hosts might desire.

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