[CQ-Contest] UBN's and other stuff

James B. Neiger Jim_Neiger at XonTech.com
Wed Mar 22 14:39:37 EST 2000

  In these days of UBN's and associated four for one B (bad) or N (not in
log) severe penalties: some rhetorical questions for the multitude:

WHAT constitutes  a valid QSO in a contest?  Do I have to be in the other
guy's log?  Does he have to have my call correct to count?  I acknowledge
that I'm expected to have his accurately, and that is as it should be.

How do we know that we are actually in QSO with a specific station?  99% of
the time we rely strictly on timing if the other guy doesn't send OUR call.
Should it be a requirement of the contest to actually SEND THE CALL of the
station we're working?  (I must say that I like it when someone calling me
actually gives MY call).  The rabbits I expect will disdain this throwback
to the golden years of contesting as it cuts down on the rate, maybe.  KH6IJ
ALWAYS hated when people gave HIS call (he used to stop the pileup and
state, "I know MY call, what I don't know is YOURS).  I generally subscribe
to this, but it is actually a "feel good" to hear my call come back to me
CORRECTLY.  One thing it will serve to do is to entice the PACKETEERS to
know WHOM THEY ARE ACTUALLY CALLING.  Maybe.  Now, THAT would be a
refreshing experience.....

If I can demonstrate (say via tape recording) that a valid QSO took place
(the other guy even sent MY call - a rarity these days), but doesn't log me,
should that be an N??

If, say by timing, I can demonstrate my BEST OF FAITH belief that a QSO
occurred, but the guy doesn't LOG me, have I had a valid QSO?  If I'm not in
his log, should I be penalized 4 QSO's??  Obviously if I QSO JA1XXX and he
DOESN'T SEND IN A LOG, the adjudicators rely on my BEST OF FAITH statement
that a QSO occurred, and full credit is given.  There would seem to me to be
a disconnect here in that one will suffer the fewest 4 for 1 penalties if he
maximizes QSO's with those who don't send in their logs.  At best, weird.

Is there any place in the rules (here I'm speaking of CQ WW) that
unequivocally states that "you must be in the other fellow's log to
constitute a valid QSO"?? (I honestly don't know).

Just some food for thought.....

  Overall I believe the CQ WW judges are doing a good job and accuracy and
the meaningfulness of the results have come a long way in the past ten
years.  Much credit is due K3EST, N6AA, N6TR, N6TW, and all of the FB
members of the CQ Committee for their VERY HARD WORK.  But is it perfect?  I
don't think so, yet by publishing rankings and awarding (seemingly much
coveted trophies and certificates), they are, I believe, implying that their
adjudication IS perfect.  Maybe we should just have the event, not call it a
competition, and everyone just get on and work everyone, and not bother with
the competitive aspects??

Other stuff:  Next month I will serve to dispel the scurrilous rumors that I
schedule trips to Ascension Island to coincide with major contests.  There I
will be and nary a serious contest in which to enter!  Anyway, for those who
actually might need the country on some band/mode, I arrive April 18, can be
found most days after 1900Z around 21250 or 28490 or -035 on CW, and willing
to try QSY's or skeds.  QSL's of course to VE3HO (U.S.. STAMPS ok).  Should
be on the island until May 3 and actually may be joined by ZD8A for some
multiop DXing around the first of May.  Activity from Ascension is
essentially limited to Glenn (K6NA/ZD8A) or myself and I see the country
becoming increasingly rare in contests.  Also, my contacts on St. Helena
(700 miles to the SE) inform me that there are only TWO ZD7's active now.
Guess they have INTERNET now, so that's their future.  It's a little
challenging to try and get to ZD7, but if they open up the long awaited
airfield, it should be a very popular place for contest expeditions.
Especially for those interested in knowing that the female/male ratio on St.
Helena is SIX-TO-ONE!   And they all have beautiful smiles and are
exceptionally friendly.  Just ask Andy (G4ZVJ/ZD8VJ/ZD7VJ).  Andy claims to
have been proposed to even before he got out of the customs shed! On second
thought, maybe it's NOT such a good place for serious contesters....

                    Vy 73,

                           Jim Neiger

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